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Why is flexibility important??

Flexibility is key to any healthy fitness routine for so many reasons!

Let's explore:

  • It can help improve posture and balance.

  • It helps create muscle fluidity.

  • It reduces muscle soreness

  • It aides muscle recovery

  • It can help prevent injuries

And so much more!

Don't let stiff and sore muscles prevent you from performing well in your workouts or enjoying the activities you love!

Want to start reaping the benefits of flexibility in your fitness routine?

Iron Root's flexibility training class is a targeted training class focusing on opening your hips and creating fluidity in your hamstrings through long hold postures. This is a yoga based class for ALL LEVELS!

DON'T MISS Flexibility training Monday nights at 7pm! Members Sign up in the IronRoot app, or drop-ins can save a spot here.

All participants must sign-up to attend. Spaces are limited.


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