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Mindful Monday's

Mindful Mondays at Iron Root Fitness is all about your mind/body connection and deepening that connection with yoga.

The pose we want to talk about this week is Downward Facing Dog. (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Some of the benefits from this pose are:

~ Finding much needed length & space in the spine ~ Lengthening hamstrings and calves ~ Promotes healthy blood circulation ~ Strengthening upper body ~ Tones the core and waist ~ Reduces stress and anxiety ~ Increases focus and awareness

Modifications or alternatives would be wide dog and short dog. These modifications deepen the stretch in your hamstrings and calves. Downward Facing Dog can also be done supported on the wall or a chair/couch.

Need a visual walk-through on some Downdog modifications? Check out our How-to Video below!

Catch this pose, along with many others, as you increase your flexibility and practice mindfulness on Monday nights (7pm) at Flexibility Yoga with Esther. Drop-ins can sign up for this class here or head to the "BOOK NOW" page to view all of our drop-in classes!


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