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Noun: firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination occurs prior to goal attainment and serves to motivate behavior that will help achieve one's goal.


Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals.

Your journey will be full of obstacles - don’t be alarmed.

Don’t be swayed.

Keep moving forward.

That moment.. when you can see the finish line, but your body is tired, your muscles are burning, your lungs are on fire, your mind makes up a million (reasonable) excuses to quit.. that's the moment you find determination.

You DECIDE that no matter what - you will finish the task at hand.

And when you are finished.. there is no greater feeling than knowing that you did the thing you said you would do.

That feeling of accomplishment - of doing something you once thought was impossible - is irreplaceable.

That's the feeling I'm chasing. How about you?

Don’t chase numbers.

Chase feelings.

Chase experiences.

Enjoy your journey and ALL of the paths it may lead you on.

Oh - and it helps if you find a community of amazing, like-minded people that have your back when the going gets tough and you have to dig deeeeep.

Sometimes an encouraging word from a friend is the difference between giving up or accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Find your people.

Love them hard.

I’m so thankful I’ve found mine 🙏🏼

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