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Dec 3rd EssentialYoga Workshop Reflections..

"You have a solemn obligation to take care of yourself, because you never know when the world will need you." - Rabbi Hillel


I think this was my favorite part of the workshop yesterday. These are some of the cards we chose for ourselves.. the #truthbombs that spoke most to us out of a deck of 152 cards.

Before we started our EssentialYoga practice, we each got to share why we chose our cards. What each person shared with the group touched my soul. I was so grateful for their openness and willingness to share.

Interestingly enough, but not surprising, there were some common themes within each answer:

  • the need for more self care

  • simplifying

  • and the longing to listen to one's own heart versus the noise of the world (aka society/family/friends)

Especially during the holiday season when we can so easily feel pushed and pulled in every direction to get the perfect gift, host the perfect party, or attend every office social or family get-together.

Our own needs and desires are often muted by this "noise" and we can easily fall into the trap of people pleasing. Not good.

But not this time. This time we do things different. Because this season of our lives should be a time of reflection. Slowing down.. way down. So you can get down to what matters most, FOR YOU.

For me, that's spending my time the way I want, with the people (and animals) that matter most.

I loved that we didn't show up yesterday because our lives are perfect and we have it all together. No. We showed up because we want more. More than what we've been giving ourselves.

Maybe wanting some of the time and attention we've been pouring out so generously to everyone else.

What yesterday reminded me of most, is that healing is not found in hiding away, pretending everything is okay. It's found when we come together, cut the bullshit and share from our hearts. We are so much more powerful this way. We can make a change this way.

A small shift.

A transformation.

A revolution even.

A stance of no-turing-back to the way we were living before. In the words of my favorite mentor, Stephanie St Claire, "There's no life there."

To the beautiful souls that joined me yesterday, THANK YOU for your bravery.

Thank you for showing up for yourself.

Thank you, for being YOU and sharing that with me.

I can't wait to do this again.

If you're on the fence about attending one of these workshops, I do hope you join us. I know there's something inside you that's dying to get out. Something that's longing to be seen and heard.

This is your place.

This is why I'm here.

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